The Best and Worst Drinks for Heart Health

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Water is the most heart-healthy drink, but there are other drinks that you can enjoy in moderation.

Heart-Healthy Drinks Pyramid

Tier 1: Foundation (Base of the Pyramid)

  • Water: Represented as the foundation of the pyramid, emphasizing its fundamental role in hydration and overall health. It's depicted as the largest section of the pyramid, signifying its importance as the primary and most abundant heart-healthy drink.

Tier 2: Supporting Options (Middle of the Pyramid)

  • Sparkling Water with Fruit: Illustrated as the next level above water, symbolizing its slight variation for added flavor and enjoyment without sacrificing health benefits. It's shown as a smaller section to indicate its role as a supportive option to plain water.

  • Unflavored Milk & Plant-Based Milks: Displayed side by side, representing their role as alternatives to water for those seeking variety or specific dietary needs. Both are depicted as equal in size, indicating their similar status in providing essential nutrients like calcium and protein.

  • Tea & Coffee: Positioned alongside milk options, indicating their inclusion in the heart-healthy drink choices. They're shown as smaller sections to denote moderation due to caffeine content, but still recognized for potential health benefits when consumed in moderation.

Tier 3: Occasional Treats (Top of the Pyramid)

  • Fruit or Vegetable Juice: Positioned at the top of the pyramid, highlighting their role as occasional treats due to their natural sugar content. They're depicted as smaller sections to emphasize moderation in consumption.

Excluded Options: Outside the Pyramid

  • Sugary Drinks & Alcohol: Illustrated outside the pyramid, emphasized as drinks to avoid or consume sparingly due to their negative impact on heart health. They're depicted separately from the pyramid to signify their exclusion from a heart-healthy diet.

This pyramid visualizes the hierarchy of heart-healthy drink options, with water as the foundation and occasional treats like juice positioned at the top. It emphasizes moderation, variety, and the importance of choosing drinks that support overall heart health.

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